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Table 1. Project Deliverables (without periodic reports) – LIST ORDERED BY DELIVERY DATE

Del. no. Deliverable name
D1.1 Project Communication Plan
D1.2.1 EC Intermediate Reporting
D1.2.2 EC Periodic Reporting
D1.2.3 EC Intermediate Reporting
D1.2.4 EC Intermediate Reporting
D1.2.5 EC Final Project report
D2.1.1 Initial TDK4PE Development Guide (I)
D2.1.2 TDK4PE Development Guide (and II)
D2.2 Layout Design and compensation rules definition
D2.3 TDK4PE development guide to address cell library development and characterization
D2.4.1 TDK database information
D2.4.2 TDK database information update
D2.5 Report on modeling, variability and validation
D3.1 Inkjet printing technology specifications
D3.2 S2S fabrication recipe for selected materials
D3.2.1 S2S fabrication recipe update
D3.3 S2S fabricated devices (R,C,L, diodes and OTFTs) status report
D3.3.1 S2S fabricated devices update
D3.3.2 S2S fabricated devices update
D3.4 R2R fabrication recipe for selected materials
D3.6 Analysis of printed features (test vehicles)
D3.7 Design rules
D4.1 Libraries specs and guide of lib design strategies and methodologies
D4.2 Guide for library, P-cell (parameterized cells), design strategies and methodologies
D4.5 Inkjet Gate Array Architecture
D4.6 Design & Technology methodology for inkjet gate array
D5.1 Specification of the API for PE design flow implementation
D5.2 Early implementation of the CleWin-PEDK tool
D5.3 Report on physical verification strategies and backend post-processing procedures
D5.4 CleWin-PEDK & open/free-tools customized with TDK4PE backend and physical/full custom design
D5.5 Design kits dor 3rd party foundries
D5.6 CleWin-PEDK and open/free-tools fully integrated TDK4PE
D5.7 TDK4PE Final release and reference guide
D6.1 Multi-printing Process organization & schedule
D6.2 Detailed technical specs of demonstrators
D6.3 Report and demonstrator on elementary system (rectification structure)
D6.4 Report and demonstrator on Acquisition and processing system


[1] PU = Public

PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services).

RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services).

CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).

Make sure that you are using the correct following label when your project has classified deliverables.

EU restricted = Classified with the mention of the classification level restricted "EU Restricted"

EU confidential = Classified with the mention of the classification level confidential " EU Confidential "

EU secret = Classified with the mention of the classification level secret "EU Secret "


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