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Latest & coming project progresses

The effort carried out from April-2013 till October-2013 has allowed us to continue evolving and focussing the inkjet printed technology, facing several troubles concerning machinery and materials. On the EDA tool side of the project, we reached to close the loop between devices fabrication up to simulation model integration in the design tool though parameter extraction on mathematical and semi-physical models. The available version professional of CleWin-PEDK (Printed Electronic Design Kit) is being ported to one external process (UK) and also the Open/Free tools based on Glade layout tool have also been ported to another one (CH), both centred on gravure printing. This showed the powerfulness of our TDK4PE approach. LVS is now working in the Open/Free tools framework. Concerning libraries, the Inkjet Gate Array (IGA) has been formalised and some designs are ready for fabrication. Concerning demonstrators, the printed tag reached to implement all devices, including capacitor and diode, using printed technologies and for the interactive pillow we have simplified its functionality, and we have also been looking to available flexible OLED panels to substitute first prototype based on discrete LEDs and optical fivers.

In the next months, special effort will be done to fix the whole structure of the IGA: (i) printing bulk foils, (ii) automate characterization and generation of the Known Good OTFT files (KGOs) printed devices, (iii) setting up EDA methods and tools for logic synthesis and place & route and (¡v) foil customization for final circuit implementation. In this framework variability analysis will be implemented using Monte Carlo analysis that has already been tested on NGspice.

The devices optimization and modelling will still be a key part to have a full design kit at functional level. Automated optical analysis will also be introduced in order to extract the process design rules.

Several activities such as real time image analysis and laser cutting will be developed in a compatible way for both S2S and R2R inkjet printing.

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